A passion for the craft of design, among other things…


I design digital experiences for products on Web, iOS, and Android. I started my career in Interaction Design in New York City where I graduated from design school. Later I coded websites in HTML, CSS, JS and Flash for advertising agencies in Manhattan. Currently I work remotely for tech startups solving problems with a user-centric approach. I am very passionate about helping people through software, making teams better, sharing my experiences with the design community, and connecting with others around the globe.

Besides design I’m drawn to architecture, films, travel, and adventure sports. My two favorite places in the world are New York City and Asunción, as I was raised and educated in both cities. I am bilingual: English/Spanish. I’m also very proud of my comic book collection from the 90’s and my tango dancing skills. 🕺🏻

I live with my beautiful wife and three kids in sunny Asunción, Paraguay.

What I’m reading


by Donella H. Meadows

What I’m listening to


A fascinating and detailed narration of the thinking that goes into building the things that are all around us.

What I’m thinking